Site settings can be abit overwhelming if you are not familiar with the settings. 

The first setting is developer mode. It turns off static caching and pagespeed. Read more here!

Second portion of the settings are related to the site. 

Site name - Name of your site, only displayed in the overview of sites.

PHP Memory limit - This is the maximum amount of memory a PHP process can use. 

Static Caching - This allows files to be temporary saved in their current state. It makes a shorter loading time because the user doesn't have to reproduce the files every time. This is used for css, javascript, fonts, images and a few other filetypes. This should be enabled at all times. You can disable the static cache for development purposes by using developer mode.

http -> https redirect - This forces the browser to redirect to the domain name of the secure site. If you have SSL activated, adding your domain here is a good idea.

Domain-based redirect - This redirects the browser to the given URL.

htaccess - This enables/disables the use of .htaccess. Read more here!

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