Welcome to Servebolt! Your site is safe (and fast) with us.

Let's get started with the move to your new Servebolt host.

To find a guide on how to move from WP Engine, Siteground and other hosts to Servebolt please see the Mirgration guides category.

Using SSH

The fastest way to move your files to our server is to use rsync. Log in to your existing host using SSH and run the following commands.

cd /path/to/webroot

This will output the full path to your webroot folder, which we will use later.

Dump your database

Find your database login information by running the following command:

cat wp-config.php

This will output your wp-config to screen so that you can easily copy and paste the username, databasename and password in the next step:

mysqldump --single-transaction -u INSERT_THE_DB_USERNAME -p INSERT_THE_DB_NAME > moving.sql

This should have dumped your database into a single sql file, ready to be moved along with the files.

Moving the files

Now login to your new host with the credentials you have recieved by email.

rsync -aP USERNAME-TO-OLD-HOST@OLD-HOST:/path/to/old/webroot /public/

You will be prompted to fill in the password to the host. Copy the password, and press ENTER.
The files should now be syncing to the your new Servebolt host.

Let's move to the next step, which is to set up your site on your new Servebolt host.
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